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The world's most secure and
resilient digital signature platform

Sign and notarize your documents on the blockchain.

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1. Send

Upload document or contract and select required signers, granting them immediate access to it.

2. Sign

Participants authenticate themselves to download, review and digitally sign the documentation.

3. Notarize

When fully signed, document is notarized to ensure non-repudiation of its date, content or signatures.

4. Audit

If needed, provide legal and conclusive proof of document's timestamp, integrity and authorship.


Digital Signature

Sign or approve documents between multiple parties through a simple, secure and legally binding process.

Uses: digital contracts, company workflows, petitions, purchase orders, employment paperwork, internal policies.


Notarize any document, generating publicly verifiable proof of its origin, date, authenticity and integrity, without exposing its contents.

Uses: counterfeit-proof digital certificates, digital work attribution, proof of prior knowledge, integrity checks.

Custom Integration

Easily add blockchain-based digital signature and notarization to your application using our libraries and API.

Uses: audits, eGovernment platforms, access control logs, transparency solutions.

Technical Benefits

Blockchain technology

Immutability and programmable signing provide important improvements to digital signature and notary platforms. Signatura uses the Bitcoin blockchain to take advantage of these properties, while Rootstock-based smart contracts are planned for sequential signing and other advanced features.

No risk from third parties

Unlike traditional solutions, the decentralization that our platform provides mitigates insider threats and ensures that your signatures will keep being valid and verifiable if our service is offline or discontinued. Not requiring trust in third parties for timestamping or storing signatures is not just a technical advantage, but a legal one.


“Multisig” scheme allows multiple predefined parties to jointly sign a document. With it, audits become far simpler: there is no need to read a contract, identify parties and check for their signatures, if it was notarized then every needed signature is already there.

Privacy and censorship resistance

Client-side signing and encryption preserves your privacy, while blockchain technology impedes anyone from blocking, tampering or deleting your signatures and notary proofs. Document content is never exposed to anyone but chosen parties, not even to Signatura.

Smart signing

Define signing requirements, for example, not allowing a document to be notarized if a certain deadline date is reached. These requirements are not just software logic, they are blockchain-enforced rules, making them secure and reliable. Coming soon.

Cheaper and safer timestamps

Timestamps in Signatura are permanent. In contrast to common timestamping authority services (RFC 3161), there is no need for future payments for their preservation. Also, there is no linked timestamping process (RFC 4998), simplifying maintenance and lowering costs.